Enable the Dashboard in OS X El Capitan

Simply navigate to System Preferences > Mission Control and where it says Dashboard, click on the drop-down menu and select As Space.


This will give you back the Dashboard and you can access it by hitting the Dashboard key on your MacBook keyboard or Apple keyboard (F3). From there, you can select Dashboard at the top to bring it up.

Dashboard is quite the classic features that was first introduced in OS X Tiger in 2005, and it’s easy to see that Apple hasn’t bothered to update it in quite a while, as the widgets still have the older bubbly design of older OS X versions.

In any case, when you open up Dashboard, you can customize it by clicking on the + and – icons in the lower-left corner, which will add and remove widgets, respectively. There are a handful of different widgets you can choose from, including weather, flight information, sports scores, and even ski reports if that’s your thing.