WidgetRunner lets you run Dashboard widgets on your desktop, rather than having to separately enter the Dashboard to view and manipulate them.

Though there is an undocumented hack that allows you to run Widgets on the desktop, they always float above all other windows, which can be annoying. WidgetRunner allows you to specify whether each widget should float on top, act like a normal window, or be pinned to the desktop.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.5 or later


You’re looking at it! Download and extract the program, and place it in your Applications folder. Create a new widget by selecting “New Widget…” from the File menu. Widgets are typically located in:

  • /Library/Widgets/
    (In the open dialog, click on the name of your hard drive, then Library, then Widgets)
  • /Users/username/Library/Widgets
    (where username is your username)

To configure the level at which a widget floats, or close a widget after you have opened it, right (or Ctrl) click on it and select one of the options.

Open widgets are automatically saved at exit and re-opened at launch. You may have multiple instances (with different settings) of the same widget open.

You can cause WidgetRunner to open at startup by right (or Ctrl) clicking on its icon in the dock and selecting “Options>Open at Login”.


Download it from here.

Source Code

Source code for WidgetRunner is available as GoogleCode project. Follow instructions on this page to perform an anonymous svn checkout.