Widget Manager


Take control of your Dashboard Widgets.

Widget Manager is the original, free preference pane that lets you manage Widgets in Mac OS X. With Widget Manager you can inspect, remove and disable any Dashboard Widget, including the default Apple Widgets.

Widget Manager also shows you all the information you can’t easily get through Dashboard, such as the version number and where it’s installed.

WidgetManager-1 WidgetManager-2

Widget Manager screenshots.

  • Remove or disable Widgets. Control the widgets installed on your computer, including the ones that come with Mac OS X.
  • Check for updates. You can easily find a Widget’s version number and where it came from.
  • Great attention to detail. Widget Manager has all the polish you’ve come to expect from great Mac OS X applications.
  • It’s free! Widget Manager is freeware, no trial or nags.

Widget Manager is free to use, download it and give it a try!