Make Your Own Dashboard Widget

One feature of MacOS/OS X and Safari we are surprised gets little love is Web Clipping. When you just can’t find a widget or need to have quick access to information, web clipping can save the day. If you are unfamiliar, Safari provides a neat little button that allows you to clip parts of web pages and use them on your dashboard.

We use this feature to keep track of financial commodity prices throughout the day. Yes, we know that might sound odd, but there are no readily available commercial widgets available currently that can show all of the commodities we need. We also have the ability to keep track of a large amount of information on our Dashboard that would otherwise not be timely or require the usage of a Bloomberg terminal. Hence our love of the Dashboard clipping feature.

Here’s how to make your own Dashboard widget in 3 easy steps:

1. Choose the site you want to clip.

2. Clip the part of the website you want

3. Customize your widget to look however you need it to.

Enjoy your new free, no coding required, widget!